Course conditions


Article 1 – Terms of Agreement

  • These General Terms and Conditions apply to all classes, courses, workshops and similar activities, hereinafter called “the Courses”, provided by Centrum Jeugd & Gezin (CJG), hereinafter called “CJG”.
  • By completing the enrolment form the student/client declares his/her acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 2 – Enrolment and confirmation

  • Participation in the Courses is only open to students who live in The Hague.
  • Enrolment is only possible by fully completing an enrolment form on one of our sites.
  • Enrolment will be handled in order of receipt.
  • After enrolment the student will receive confirmation of registration in writing via email.
  • The Courses will only be held if there are sufficient participants, in which case the student will receive an invitation by regular mail no later than seven days before the commencement of the course.
  • Should there be insufficient participants, the course will be cancelled by CJG no later than seven days before the intended date of commencement. CJG cannot be held liable in any way should a course be cancelled. The student will be informed of the cancellation in writing via email or by telephone.

Article 3 – Payment

  • The student will be sent an invoice close to the date of commencement.
  • The student must settle this invoice within the stated term of payment.

Article 4 – Cancellation

  • All cancellations made by the student are subject to the following conditions:
    – Cancellation must be made in writing by e-mail. The date of receipt of this email will be considered to be the cancellation date;
    – The student may cancel a course free of charge up to three weeks before the commencement of the course. After this period the full course fee will be charged;
    – If the student registers for a course within three weeks of commencement, the full course fee will be payable in all circumstances.
  • If after commencement of the course the student ceases to attend, either fully or partially, he/she is not entitled to any reimbursement of the course fee.
  • If the student is unable to attend due to illness or other impediment, it is not possible for another person to take his/her place and no entitlement to reimbursement can be claimed.
  • Missed classes cannot be retaken at another date.

Article 5 – Rights of CJG

  • CJG reserves the right to make changes to the content and/or organisation of the Courses and/or the course programme.
  • CJG reserves the right to cancel one or more Courses at any time, regardless of the number of participants.
  • Should CJG cancel one or more Courses in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the student shall be informed of this immediately and any course fees already paid shall be refunded as quickly as possible.

Article 6 – Liability

  • Neither CJG nor the instructor/supervisor can be held liable for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with participation in or cancellation of the Courses, unless CJG is culpable of wilful misconduct or gross negligence.
  • Such liability is limited to the sum of the costs connected with participation in the course in question.