New measures against coronavirus


The new measures against the spread of coronavirus have consequences for the family health service. For example, the hearing tests for newborns will be postponed, consultations are by appointment only and there is a strict door policy.

What does this all mean?
The hearing tests for newborns have been postponed all over the Netherlands. In most municipalities, the hearing test is carried out at home. That is not desirable in the current situation. The State Secretary has therefore decided to postpone all hearing tests. If you had an appointment, this will be cancelled.

It is not possible to attend the CJG without an appointment. There are now no walk-in clinics. We advise you to call or mail us if you have any questions. Our children’s nurses will be happy to answer your question. If it is important that we see you, we will make an appointment.

We won’t abandon mothers who have questions about breastfeeding. Let us know if you have a question for the lactation consultant, leave a message or call customer service: 0800 295 40 70 The lactation consultant will call you back as soon as possible.

Strict door policy
There is now a strict door policy at every CJG. To prevent surprises, let us explain what that means…

  • We check for health problems. We cannot let you in if you have a fever or other symptoms.
  • We allow 1 carer to accompany each child.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser when you enter.
  • Where possible, we keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other.