Juvenile health care


The school doctors and school nurses of the Centre for Children and Families (CJG) keep track of children’s growth and development in consultation with their parents. This monitoring is based on a number of fixed contact moments.

Around the ages of five and ten, your child will be invited along with you for a health examination by the school doctor or school nurse. This examination focuses on your child’s length, weight, hearing, eyesight, motor skills, eating and exercise habits.

The purpose of this examination is to determine how your child is developing in consultation with you, the caregiver. During these appointments, you also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Where necessary, we will work together to find a solution for specific problems or arrange additional support.

Secondary school health examination and youth consultation

In the first or second year of secondary school, your child will once again be invited to take part in a health examination. During this appointment, the CJG doctor or nurse will talk with your child about his or her growth, development and lifestyle.

When your child is around 15 years old, he or she will be invited to the youth consultation (JongerenConsult). During this consultation, teenagers find out how healthy they actually are, and how healthy their lifestyle is.


Children in the Netherlands are provided with free vaccinations via the National Immunisation Programme (RIVM). The vaccinations offered within this programme protect the recipient against specific infectious diseases. These vaccinations are given by the school doctors and nurses of CJG. At certain ages, your child will automatically be invited to participate in these immunisation campaigns.

Partnership with schools

CJG’s doctors and nurses have all been assigned to particular Hague schools. Where necessary, the CJG professionals will discuss the results of the health survey with the child’s teacher or the school’s internal care officer or care coordinator. This is always done in consultation with you (and with your child if he or she is older than the age of twelve).

Additional support

Children, youth and their parents are always free to drop by the school doctor or nurse for an extra examination or for a talk. They can do so for any number of reasons, including when they have questions about growth, hearing, behaviour or health.