Children’s health clinic


During a visit to the children’s health clinic, your child’s growth and development will be routinely checked from birth until he starts primary school at the age of four. The children’s health clinic is part of The Hague’s juvenile health care programme.

Once your baby has been registered in the Municipality of The Hague, you will receive an invitation from the children’s health clinic. You can then make your first appointment. Often the district nurse will visit you and your newborn at home and she will give you advice on caring for and feeding your baby.

The baby’s growth

As your baby grows, the doctor and district nurse from the clinic will check to see if your baby is healthy and developing well, watch for important developmental milestones like sitting up and walking, as well as providing basic childhood vaccinations under the National Vaccination Programme and a hearing and vision test. If the doctor feels there is something wrong, he will refer you to your GP.

The clinic is there to answer any questions you might have regarding the health and development of your child. It also provides support to mothers and babies who are breastfeeding.


After each visit you’ll be given an appointment for the next visit. Appointments will be scheduled every few months in the first year and less frequently after that.

The services of the children’s health clinic are free of charge and the children’s health clinic is bound by a confidentiality agreement.