Measures against coronavirus: questions and answers


Why is my appointment with the paediatrician or children’s nurse still going ahead?
We feel it is important that young children have a good start. For that reason, we vaccinate pregnant women and we see babies from four weeks old. Vaccinations for children up to 14 months inclusive are also going ahead as scheduled. Other vaccinations have been cancelled. It is therefore quiet at the CJG. And because we hold appointments all over the building, we ensure that the risk of infection is very small.

Can I come to the walk-in clinic?
Not at the moment. We advise you to call or mail us if you have any questions. Our children’s nurses will be happy to answer your question.

I have an appointment with a family coach. Will this go ahead?
Your appointment with the family coach will go ahead as scheduled. Together, we will decide how best to do that. It may be that we arrange a telephone consultation.

How many people may I bring with me to the CJG?
Each child can be accompanied by only one parent to the CJG. Later, both parents, brothers and sisters or grandparents will be able to attend again too.

What are the consequences of postponing the appointments?
Postponing our appointments will not endanger your child’s health. We will see each other later this year for our next appointment. Nor does postponing vaccinations for older children affect their health either. The vaccinations will be done later. Parents will be invited to attend the clinic.

Are you contactable as usual?
Yes, you can e-mail us at or call: (070) 752 80 00 (every day from 8.30 am to 4 pm). You can ask questions about your appointment, the vaccinations or your child’s development.