All about coronavirus


Infections with coronavirus (COVID-19) have been reported in The Hague. The Hague’s Public Health Department is investigating the infections and will take measures if necessary. The Hague’s Public Health Department is working alongside the Municipality of The Hague in this matter. Everything you need to know about coronavirus in The Hague is available on the website of the Municipality of The Hague and The Hague’s Public Health Department.

Appointment at the CJG?
RIVM is advising anyone with symptoms like a runny nose, cough, sore throat or fever to stay at home. Does that apply to you and/or your child and do you have an appointment with the CJG? If so, we advise you to postpone your appointment.

Gatherings of people were prohibited from 12 March. For that reason, group vaccinations of young people were postponed in March. These measures apply throughout the Netherlands up to 28 April inclusive.

Health problems?
Most patients with coronavirus have a fever and respiratory problems. That includes a cough, runny nose, sore throat or pneumonia.
For which symptoms should I contact my GP? Visit the website of the Government of the Netherlands. Do you have health problems? If so, don’t visit the GP but call them.

Do you have cold symptoms or a temperature up to 38 degrees Celsius?
Stay at home with your family, rest and ensure that you don’t infect other people. Keep your distance from other people. You don’t need to call the GP. Your symptoms are mild.
Are your symptoms getting worse? And do you have a fever (more than 38 degrees Celsius), are you coughing and feeling breathless? In that case, you should call the GP or medical centre. If your symptoms are serious, contact them immediately.

Measures CJG The Hague
These activities have been cancelled:

  • Vaccination against meningococcal disease
  • Vaccionation against cervical cancer
  • Home visits by family health visitor to newborns
  • Courses (some of them are provided online)
  • Walk-in clinics
  • Hearing tests for newborns

These activities are going ahead as scheduled:

  • Vaccinations of pregnant women and babies up to 14 months
  • Appointments with the paediatrician or children’s nurse
  • Appointments with the family coach