Centre for Children and Families


The Centre for Children and Families (Centrum Jeugd & Gezin/CJG) provides information, advice and help with child development and parenting. The CJG is a one-stop shop for children’s health and well-being.

The CJG is there to serve the needs of babies, children, young people, (expectant) parents and families. Each district of The Hague has its own CJG.

Upbringing support

At the CJG you can find all kinds of information on child rearing and child development. Perhaps you are wondering if your child is developing in a normal way, for example, why he hasn’t started walking yet or how you can best deal with tantrums.

The CJG is also a meeting place for parents and children. It also organises courses and workshops.

Family coaching

Every family experiences difficult times now and then. Sometimes the problems appear so large that you feel helpless. This is the time to call in professional help before the situation gets out of hand. The CJG provides fast, practical and tailor-made support during rough patches in your life, for example, if you suspect your child has an eating disorder or a drug addiction or you need help during a divorce.

Preventative health care

The role of the juvenile health care programme is to monitor children’s development, maintain preventative health care and stimulate a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy start in life is key to a happy childhood. You will naturally have many questions during your child’s early years. During a visit to the children’s health clinic, your child’s growth and development will be routinely checked from birth until he starts primary school at the age of four. From practical tips to important vaccinations, the CJG is there for children and their parents.

Once a child has started primary school, preventative health care will move from the children’s health clinic to the so-called school doctor system. Children are then seen around the ages of five and ten.

Appointment for advice

If you would like personal advice from a qualified professional, you can call us at (070) 752 80 00.