Introductionlesson babymassage

Stage in life Baby
End goal

To receive information about crying, playing, comforting, working again and more. Some baby massage techniques will be covered.

Focus group The meeting is for one parent with with a baby from 1 to 6 months old. Participation is only possible if you live in The Hague.
Course content

As a brand new parent you will be confronted with all kinds of new situations. Naturally you will have some questions about this. A good reason to come to the themed meetings at your local Centre for Children and Families!
You will learn a number of baby massage techniques with which you can help your baby to relax. The used techniques are suitable for all babies. The massage is very useful for babies who have abdominal cramps or refluxes and who are restless. Furthermore, the massage is also very useful for incubator babies, babies that were delivered by a ceasarean section or babies whose delivery was difficult.
You will have the possibility to discuss topics such as crying, sleeping, comforting and going back to work. The nurse at the Centre for Children and Families provides additional information and you can also practice with baby games, wrapping your baby and more.

Costs Free
Organization CJG Cursusbureau

Due to a limited number of participants, registration is mandatory. Without registration, you run the risk the group is already full and you will not be able to participate.

Organization contact details

Organization CJG Cursusbureau
Phone (070) 353 31 23
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