Childbirth preperation

Stage in life Zwanger
End goal

To know more about your pregnancy with regard to the physical aspects, your baby and childbirth.

Focus group Pregnant women
Course content

The course is in English and includes 8 lessons of 90 minutes. You can start the course in week 22 – 28 of your pregnancy.

The  course is devided up into 3 parts:

Lesson 1 & 2: The pregnancy
In these lessons we go through daily life postures and movements and how to prevent complaints during the pregnancy. We also pay attention to exercises you can do to prevent pelvic pain.

Lesson 3-6: The birth
In these lessons we go through the birth process, practice the pelvic floor, breathing exercises, exercises for in between contractions and birth poses with and without partner.

Lesson 7 & 8: After the birth
In these lessons we pay attention to the recovery process, how to move and handle your baby in a way you prevent complaints such as wrist, back-, neck- and shoulderpain.

At the last lesson of each part the partners are also invited.

An interesting course with a lot of information about pregnancy, childbirth and posture/ movement of your body.

Costs € 49,50
Organization CJG Cursusbureau

Your health insurance provide possible – depending on your polis – a contribution towards the costs. Prices are subject to change.

You can join only if you live in The Hague.

Organization contact details

Organization CJG Cursusbureau
Phone (070) 353 31 23
Cursusvoorwaarden CJG cursusvoorwaarden